Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the use of the Reward Money portal, and any offers associated with Reward Money.


Terms and Agreement for Verve Card Holders

  1. User must be registered on the portal and must login successfully to be able to redeem and perform transactions on the Reward Money portal.
  2. Only Reward Money can be spent on the portal.
  3. The conversion rate of Naira to Reward money is at the discretion of Verve International.
  4. Charges will apply for delivery and pickup for transactions done on the Reward Money Portal.
  5. After adding your cards to your user profile, users must activate cards to be able to burn or spend their Reward Money.
  6. Reward Money cannot be withdrawn as cash from the ATM unless otherwise communicated by Interswitch and Verve International.
  7. Reward Money is earned ONLY on the Verve debit, credit and prepaid Cards used for transactions on Reward Money enabled outlets and channels regardless of how many cards are attached to the same Bank Account.
  8. Customer Information and other relevant information is kept under strict confidentiality.
  9. Reward Money Cannot be earned on the Reward Money Portal unless otherwise stated by Interswitch or Verve International.
  10. None of the items displayed are directly owned by Verve International but rather their partners. In the event that your Reward Money transaction was unsuccessful, Interswitch will serve as a mediator between the card holder and the partner merchant(s) to resolve any inconsistencies.
  11. Items available for redemption are limited to availability of such items per time. Verve International or its partners have the sole right to replace redeemable items on the Reward Money Portal without prior notice given to the Card Holder.
  12. Registration information will be used to communicate special offers, promotions etc. with the card holder on the Reward Money Portal
  13. By accepting these terms and conditions the cardholder agrees that Verve International  and its partners shall use the information provided by the cardholder to design and send marketing and promotional offers, messages and other communications to the cardholder on Reward Money.
  14. The customer must ensure that accurate details (Phone Number& Email Address) are filled in upon registration. A Short code will be sent to the registered phone number before any account can be successfully activated.
  15. Only registered Verve Cards and any other card with the Verve logo will become visible. Cards that have been registered for Safe Token® will also be automatically added to the cardholder’s profile after registration and validation of the phone number. To Activate follow the On-Screen Instructions.
  16. When you ‘refer a friend’, you’ll be required to provide your friend’s details which will be stored in our database. Your ‘Friend’ will get a notification indicating that the ‘invite’ came from you.
  17. Your comments and Likes on our Social Media links will be posted on your personal account as well as the Official Reward Money Social sites.
  18. If you comment on a Merchant Offer, such information might be visible to the Merchant and Other Card Users on the platform.
  19. The Reward Money which accumulates to a cardholder for every transaction shall be based on the discount agreed upon by Interswitch/Verve International and the Merchant or Reward Money partner.
  20. Reward Money shall accumulate for transactions done on Reward Money POS terminals and other relevant channels.
  21. Reward Money accumulated by the Card holder shall not be transferable to any 3rd party but can only be redeemed by the Cardholder.
  22. Reward Money accumulated by a Card holder will be transferable to the Card holder's replaced Verve card in the event that the card used to accumulate the Reward Money is lost, stolen or destroyed.
  23. Card holder shall be notified regarding Reward Money balance by Interswitch, Verve International or Reward Money partners on Reward Money POS terminals. Additional options to register card details are available on the Reward Money portal.
  24. Verve International or its partners shall not be liable for lost or stolen cards which may have accumulated Reward Money points but will expend necessary resource within reasonable means to ensure accumulated Reward Money is transferred to the current card holder account.
  25. Verve International or its partner shall not be liable for loss of accumulated Reward Money points which may have been spent without the authorization of the Card holder.
  26. Verve International and its partners will employ reasonable endeavors to ensure the Reward Money balance communicated to the cardholder is as accurate as possible. However, Verve International or its partners shall bear no liability in the event where the balance notification received by the cardholder does not conform to the precise balance which has been accumulated by the cardholder from transactions. 
  27. The accumulated Reward Money earned by the cardholder can only be spent at outlets and/or in a manner which has been communicated by Verve International or its partner.
  28. By accumulating or spending Reward Money, the Card holder agrees to be willing to participant in the Reward Money initiative and shall be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  29. Your Verve card may be cancelled for reasons such as fraud or a breach of these terms. If this occurs, your reward money balance will also be cancelled and no reward voucher will be issued in respect of such reward balance.
  30. Verve International or its partners may refuse to authorize the issue of reward money and/or to redeem reward money which has been issued if Verve International reasonably considers the scheme is being used fraudulently by the loyalty scheme member or any additional cardholder.
  31. If there is a query relating to your reward balance, the loyalty scheme member will be responsible for producing (on request) any required proof of purchase for any transaction which has not been accredited towards your reward balance.
  32. Transactions done on your Reward Money account can be viewed by Merchants, Verve International and its partners without notifying you.
  33. When activating your Verve or any other card with the Verve logo cards on the Reward Money Portal, the details (Phone Number) must be the same as with what was registered with your Bank.
  34. Verve International reserves the right to amend, cancel or withdraw the terms of this loyalty scheme at any time. Wherever possible, Verve International or Interswitch will provide you with advance notice of any such changes. You will be deemed to have accepted these terms and any changes to them if, after receiving a copy of the terms or any notice of a change to them, you continue to use your Verve card or redeem Reward Money. The Verve card will at all times remain the property of Verve international.





Terms and Agreement for Merchants


  1. All Reward Money merchants must agree to a discount and also the terms and conditions before signing up to the Reward Money Loyalty Scheme.
  2. Reward Money® contract will be renewed automatically at the end of the initial contract durations signed between Interswitch and the merchant except terminated by either party in writing and in line with the terms of this agreement.
  3. The Merchant shall be responsible for determining and communicating the terms and conditions of Transactions at the Merchant’s location to its customers (cardholders) and shall allow Interswitch to deploy and maintain appropriate branding materials at the merchant’s location as well as other communication channels.
  4. As part of the partnership, Merchants will allow customers communicate with their database to incentivize their customers about Reward Money.